> I got your point, but I really wonder, what kind of suggestions 
> will you accept if:
> 1) small internal changes you don't like because version comparing 
> becomes more sophisticated

Someone has to implement and test those changes, and there is always a
risk of unforseen complications or new bugs being introduced.  Even
simple things like removing old conditional code can be done in error,
removing code that is actually needed.  This is all down to testing, very
few of us actually test each change, and new bugs can cause major

> 2) medium changes will break the existing code and thus rejected
> 3) large changes will also break code, and not necessary so one 
> should derive his own class and there implement everything he wishes

Breaking existing code will generally only be allowed if some major new
functionality is added that is of benefit to the majority of ICS users,
like the change from V5 to V6/7, but the old code base remains for those
that don't want the risk of change. 

Non-breaking medium or large changes are fine if they also benefit to the
majority of ICS users, like the proposed addition of IP6, or support for
new versions of Delphi or Windows.  We are prepared to invest the time to
test such changes properly.  Changes to save a couple of lines of code
really are not worth the effort, there are hundreds of more beneficial
things that can be done instead. 


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