Hello David 
> I have a problem with this component ICSHttpprotocol under delphi 9,
> the problem is when I send data using post, the data is converted in
> the new style of delphi 9 (char = 2 bytes), 

ICS does not convert posted data. It sends the content of the stream as
is, byte per byte.

> and the data is sent
> corrupted, so the server fails. 

Do not send Unicode text.  

> The problem is when the data is copy
> from Fsendstream (tstream-char) to FSendBuffer (Byte) in the
> procedure SocketDataSent. Pls, Check the code.     
> I also attached the capture and the data send to the server.
> In the example and send "test=2" but the data is send as "t.e.s.",
> the dot means character 0. 

This is no bug but "as designed"! If you have to POST text it must be
encoded with the correct code page.  

Arno Garrels

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