I can only subscribe what Francois said. Another annoying this is, that
many people already promised to help a bit in the wiki but didn't do it
up to now. The list of registered Wiki users is already long now, but
most of those didn't yet write a single page of it.

What is so hard in documenting just a single property or work on those
property overview pages which aren't complete yet? Copying the table of
a already started property list to a not yet started one and modifying
it so that the correct properties are listed is not hard. I've done it
already in the ICS wiki. Don't tell me you have not even 10 min time to
do something like this (ni needn't be complete just a start which has
sufficient quality so it can be extended) given the fact that you get
several 1,000 lines of quailty source code for free when downloading
ICS. ICS is simply a open source project and thus needs your help.

Another option to improve help/documentation is to pay Francois well
enough so he can spend some days on it. But I don't see that being done
either. It's cheap to get ICS for free but then also request
documentation being done for free from others as well.

Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but this topic comes up now and then but I
don't see any progress in form of other volunteers working in the wiki
(except some of the main developpers of ICS, but this is not enough and
I don't blame them - they need to keep ICS current).


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