Hello everybody,

In the past some people have posted messages here exposing their interest in
a HTTP-proxy. They tried to use the GpHTTPProxy component, but it has one
critical bug with persistent connections.

Now it seems that I managed to fix the bug using the proprietary sources 
by Primoz Gabrijelcic as a reference for me by a non-disclosure agreement.
As the agreement concerns the proprietary sources only, and the patched source
is the GpHTTPProxy indeed, I suppose the agreement does not cover the
patched version and it can be published. Moreover, Primoz seems
not having time (long since) for patching the stuff himself, and does not 
So, I think I could post or submit the patched version to the overbyte site.
The version is not thoroughly tested, and I can't provide a support for it,
because I work on it in my spare time. Also, the patch does not deal with
chunked encoding and leaves it unsupported.

Please, note that the original version of GpHTTPProxy used for the patch
is outdated with regard to ICS itslef, though this is the latest version of 
publicly available. I will NOT port the GpHTTPProxy v.2.4 to the latest ICS 
in the near future.

Francois, Wilfried, Arno,  Angus, fellows - what do you think?

Best wishes,
Stan Korotky.
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