> Most likely that's wrong, as I recall the vulnerability,
> it's probably only safe to not enable option

I never even meant to enable this option. If it fails I don't care.
Many servers will be upgraded quickly to fix this issue anyway so I don't
think enabling this option will make a huge difference anyway.

By the way, can anyone approve me so I can write documentation on wiki? I'm
really tired of looking for documentation on like... 20 different places and
many things are undocumented. Even a lousy documentation is better than

As I use components I will update wiki (and not for altruistic reasons - for
myself so I have it in one place :) and provide examples in c++ (someone may
later rewrite them in delphi, I don't care about it).

I have a suggestion - why are you so strict about approval of people that
write content? Subscribing to the wiki should be enough, not just another
approval. We have too much of usernames for other web places anyway!

Have in mind that these strict rules and using mailing list instead of
forums discourages a lot of people from using ICS - wikipedia is open for
anyone to edit and if works just fine and if you're afraid of spam - well,
that's unavoidable, live with it, but that's why you can lock out registered
user to wiki and return content to previous wiki version if spam appears.
But I don't think there will be a lot of spam anyway, wiki needs signed up
user anyway that is more than enough and the majority of users are
programmers not spammers, they are not likely to be interested in this.

I am willing to write content but discouraged by these strict rules myself
so I speak from my personal perspective. With current policies, the
documentation will never be updated and it is one of the most boring jobs in
the world so nobody will be motivated unless a few people "from here and
there" do it.
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