Eric Fleming Bonilha wrote:
> I would suggest the changing of constant WH_MAX_MSG in
> OverbyteIcsWndControl.pas to a global variable to which we can change
> on our software, without changing ICS code.

That won't work since TIcsWndHandler declares a static array with 
length WH_MAX_MSG. 
Instead I suggest that TIcsWndHandlerPool gets a public, thread-safe 
method which checks whether the value can be changed and would raise
an exception if not. This method would succeed only if the pool
was empty (when no instance of TWndControl existed) and the value
passed was in the range 50-1000, anything beyond makes no
sense IMO.

Setting the maximum number of messages per handler would be
just one line:

The GWndHandlerPool variable is assigned in OverbyteIcsWndControl's
initialization section.

Arno Garrels  

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