-> As far as I can interpret the log, the session is closed due to winsock error 10053 ?
->Software caused connection abort.

I've frequently observed this situation when communicating with Wifi equipments which are some times out of range.

When receiving this message, i found out that the socket is closed in wsocket.pas.

I think the socket shouldn't be close automaticaly, this message is usually sent to signify a abnormal delay on receiving.

Extract from Wsocket.pas :

LastError := WSocket_Synchronized_WSAGetLastError;
if (LastError = WSAECONNRESET) or (LastError = WSAENOTSOCK) or (LastError = WSAENOTCONN) or (LastError = WSAEINVAL)
                          or (LastError = WSAECONNABORTED)
                   then begin
                       FCloseInvoked := TRUE;           { 23/07/98 }
                       TriggerSessionClosed(LastError); { 23/07/98 }
                   else if LastError <> WSAEWOULDBLOCK then begin
                       SocketError('TryToSend failed');

my solution was to put comments before or (LastError = WSAECONNABORTED)


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