Eric-Lionel Rault wrote:
> -> As far as I can interpret the log,  the session is closed due to
> winsock error 10053 ?
> ->10053
> ->Software caused connection abort.
> I've frequently observed this situation when communicating with Wifi
> equipments which are some times out of range.
> When receiving this message, i found out that the socket is closed in
> wsocket.pas.

Which is perfect IMO.
> I think the socket shouldn't be close automaticaly, this message is
> usually sent to signify a abnormal delay on receiving.

That's not correct. As the name implies, the connection is gone when
you get this error. 

> my solution was to put comments before or (LastError =

How does that help, it won't bring back the connection <g>

Anyway it doesn't help in current case since TryToSend is 
not called.

Arno Garrels

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