Currently I'm starting some research on HTTP downloads with ICS THttpCli. I 
want to add recursive download functionality but faced with impossibility to 
distinguish file of directory. Then I noticed that requests to folder without 
trailing slash (GET /somepath/foo/bar) are redirected to locations with slash 
(/somepath/foo/bar/) so it's easy to tell it's a directory.
I'm far not close to HTTP specs and don't know whether it's obligatory behavior 
and could I rely on it. Moreover, though THttpCli implements redirect 
internally (fortunately!!!) I don't know whether I could rely on FPath (of 
FLocation?) fields. I looked in RFC but found nothing on this issue.

And another thing. Shouldn't header fields Modified-since and Date be parsed as 
well as other ones? RFC1123_StrToDate is already present in the unit, just 2 
date formats are left to implement.

And the last (finally!). RFC1123_Date seem to double standard Delphi 
FormatDateTime routine. You may use it with english TFormatSettings record 
specified (get it by GetLocaleFormatSettings(LOCALE_INVARIANT) ) to fix month 
and day names. This could be also used in data parsing.

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