>> Then I noticed that requests to folder without trailing slash (GET
>> /somepath/foo/bar)
>> are redirected to locations with slash (/somepath/foo/bar/) so it's easy
>> to tell it's a directory.

this depends how server is configured to treat trailing slash. In most
cases it will treat it as access to folder and look for default files
there (index.htm, index.html, index.php, default.asp, default.aspx
etc.). But this can be easily changed by simply changing .htaccess
files on Apache for example so even if web server is configured one
way, navigating to a certain folder with different .htaccess
directives can change this behaviour completely.

You will see that for example WordPress has an option how it will
display URL path - as "folders" as "html file" but in reality this is
just a choice of format which will be parsed later by "index.php" or
whatever. This is just a modification of .htaccess

So you cannot really know how folders are structured on the server is
just by looking at the URL. Furthermore a lot of servers are
configured as virtual hosting meaning a single host hosts hundreds or
even thousands of sites that share the same IP address (just have
their own "user account" directory configured on the server).
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