Just checked-in rev. #588-590, a rework of the experimental throttle 
and timeout features. 

Log: TFtpClient - If conditional BUILTIN_THROTTLE is defined the bandwidth
control uses TWSocket's built-in throttle code rather than TFtpClient's.

U   trunk/Delphi/Vc32/OverbyteIcsFtpCli.pas

Log: Reworked the experimental timeout and throttle code. Method names of
TCustomTimeoutWSocket **changed**, they all got prefix "Timeout". Removed
the crappy TCustomTimerWSocket class, both throttle and timeout use their
own TIcsThreadTimer instance now.

U   trunk/Delphi/Vc32/OverbyteIcsWSocket.pas

Log: Added boolean property TIcsThreadTimer.KeepThreadAlive. If it's set
prevents the underlying, shared thread object from being freed when its
reference count becomes 0. This fixes a serious performance leak when just
a single TIcsThreadTimer instance was used which was created/freed,
enabled/unabled or its interval or event handler were changed frequently.
Best performance is achieved by setting this property to TRUE.

U   trunk/Delphi/Vc32/OverbyteIcsThreadTimer.pas

Arno Garrels

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