From: "Arno Garrels" <>
It might be that the application loaded some incompatible
OpenSSL libraries unless the full path and filenames are

   GSSLEAY_DLL_Name := <full path and filename>;
   GLIBEAY_DLL_Name := <full path and filename>;
MySslContext.InitContext; // loads the libraries and initializes the SslContext
   // Something went wrong, log and handle it.

ok, tomorrow morning i try this.
i'm sure that in the folder of OverbyteIcsSslFtpTst.exe, the dll are 0.9.8e and with ProcessMonitor.exe i see that they are loaded

this morning i've see that if i use OverbyteIcsHttpsTst.exe from the customer's pc, ssl work fine. TSSLContext is different between ftp and http?

As I understand, your customer uses your application rather
than OverbyteIcsSslFtpTst.exe. If so, I would compare all
SSL settings of your application with the demo settings.

yes, my customer use my application but for this test, i use OverbyteIcsSslFtpTst.exe on the customer's pc.

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