Has anyone built a component to queue email until an SMTP relay server is

Some of my applications send email reports and alerts, currently using
the ICS SMTP component directly to a relay SMTP server.  There are simple
retry attempts if the SMTP server can not be contacted or if it refused
the email due to greylisting, but no further email can  be sent while
retrying it occurring, so it's very limiting.  Specifically, greylisting
needs a retry after 10 or 15 minutes, and one can just not wait that long
blocking other emails.  

So my applications need a mail queue, where email can be spooled as disk
files and retried for up to 48 hours or something.  If implemented as a
threaded component, it could be linked into the applications accepting
fully formatted emails with all headers through a function.  

Or it could be a standalone pick-up mail server than scans an incoming
directory for mail files, like the old Microsoft SMTP server used to do
with Windows NT.  Or even implemented as a full SMTP relay server than
listens on port 25, but then anti-spam stuff becomes important and
potentially very complex. 

Has anyone found a simple solution to mail queuing, before I start
writing something myself?  It can not be a third party application, since
I need to distribute it with my own applications. 


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