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> Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
> > Has anyone built a component to queue email until an SMTP relay
> > server is available?
> Not yet, but it's probably no big deal to write one.
> It could be a simple two files per item approach.
> One email file written to the queue directory with method
> SendToFile so it can be resent as is with OwnHeaders and
> TIcsStreamReader or from a TStringList later on, and one
> info file containing related properties including MxIPs,
> Port.. as well as a next retry value, last error etc..
> Both files would share the same filename with different
> extensions.
> --
> Arno Garrels
We use a similar approach in our disk cache--two same named files with
different extensions. One of the files is the binary data file and other one
is a TMemIniFile. If you are dealing with URLs and want to convert URL to a
file name, don't bother with all the 8 Windows' non-file name
characters--just SHA1-hash the url to consturct the file name.

We also tried an ini file for writing the name of the files (index) to disk
but this turned out to be a real pain/slow after a few thousand files since
it scans all the previous records for the same name    in name=value format
of inis as it does not assume there are no duplicate names. So I wrote my
own very simple format such as:


So it's gotten quite mature now. Just FYI.

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