>Do you really need to determine free local port? By what you wrote it
>doesn't seem you need that.


>You need a free local port if you are making a server type of
>application, not a client application.

I am sorry, that is not correct. It is a requirement of the protocol that
the port number of the client be in the range of 1 - 32767.

This is not the first protocol I have implemented to contain client port
number requirements. The last one I recall, OMRON FINS, required the port
number on the server and client match. If you configured the server for port
7 the client also had to be port 7.


> Exception handler.

Thanks. I will make it so. 

It does seem counter-intuitive for a non-blocking framework to not use a
callback for this error. For example, should I wrap "Connect" in a try
except? It may be that it is the only way to handle such a error. 

netstat can show all open ports. Does it do trial and error on all port
numbers? Or does the OS know and MS has not published how to get the

Thank you both for the response,


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