Recently we have updated the ICS components and now we have some problems with 
the webserver.
In the old version every time a browser makes a request to the webserver a new 
connection were created and connected, and afterwards the connection were 
disconnected and destroyed. 
In the new version just one connection is created and connected (even if the 
browser makes several requests to the server). The connection will be reused 
untill it expires so much seconds as set by the property KeepAliveTimeSec of 
the webserver component. Only after the KeepAliveTimeSecs the connection is 
disconnect and the object will be destroyed. 
So the problem is: the old connection is reused and it contains data which 
could not belong to the request.
I have tried to set the KeepAliveTimeSec to zero which should disable the 
KeepAliveTime feature entirely (read from the svn-changelog), but then the 
connection still stays connected. It is even worse. Now it stays connected 
untill god knows how long. It is not predictable how long the connection is 
I also tried to force the connection to close with the procedures Close en 
CloseDelayed after the answer is send. But then the answer is not send 
completely with half html pages as results.
Do you have any suggestions how to handle this?
Version of the webservercomponent before the update: THttpServerVersion = 142;
After: THttpServerVersion = 722;
And I use Delphi 2007.
Thanks in advance
Olaf van der Meer
;XSO xBase Software Ontwikkeling.
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