Hi all,

I try to create a windows service with Httpserver. I have used the example
in the OverbyteIcsSrvTcp1 project, with a separate unit OverbyteIcsCmd. In
the last mentioned - in my version I use Thttpserver.  Here are two events;
 ClientConnect and ClientDisConnect witch use "postmessage (Handle,
WM_CLIENT_COUNT, 0, 0)". I have a messagepump like this:



                             while GetMessage(MsgRec, 0, 0, 0) do begin




I have read through the Discussions in the archives here, without seeing a
clear answer.

How do I change these two methods to that the message is received by the
HTTPserver object.

I've tried to use:

PostMessage(HttpServer1.handle, WM_CLIENT_COUNT, 0, 0)

PostTheredMessage(HttpServer1.handle", WM_CLIENT_COUNT, 0, 0)

PostTheredMessage(HttpServer1ThreadID", WM_CLIENT_COUNT, 0, 0)

and a lot more...

None of this is working.

In my scenario, an external client is uploading a number of pictures to the
server, but the clients are not informed of the file is received, and it run
in a loop and keeps uploading the same file.

Please help...


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