Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Hi again Arno,
> Here is what I did:
> - renamed the old ICS folder to something like "ICS IPv4 backup"
> - checked out the code to a new folder with the old folder's name
> - copied the old BCB2010 package's project files over so that I would
> not have to re-enter all the defines
> - cleared the project files of both the package and the application
> project 
> Still no joy! Any other ideas?

No, I still think it's a bad build. Rebuild the packages.
Add the ics\delphi\vc32\ directory to project option's debug path,
set a break point where you create the THttpServer object and step into
the various calls to inherited create, there's obviously something
wrong on your side.

Also try to build the C++ Builder demo group project, all demos should
build. Run the webserver and HttpTst demo both should run just fine.

Arno Garrels
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