Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Ok, managed the SVN. Now what should I do for an IPv4 ICS
> client/server to upgrade to IPv6? I saw almost no documentation in
> the source. Can applications support both protocols with no
> modification or must one make a separate listening/target IP per v4
> and v6? 

I added some experimental multi-listen stuff.
See OverbyteIcsTcpSrv1IPv6 demo, especially TTcpSrvForm.WMAppStartup
and TTcpSrvForm.WSocketServer1BeforeClientCreate.

It works fine, however its design is not the best so will most
likely change. For instance, a listening socket cannot be closed 
separately without closing all other listening sockets as well,
or if one socket fails to listen in new method TcpMultiListen
the already listening sockets are closed (and an exception
is raised). 

Arno Garrels

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