?I have a small problem I made a vcl wrapper of the overbyte client socket so that I can add my custom data to it with out editing the main overbyte source problem I have is when I try to build my app my wrapper can not find the client[x].function for my add-ons because right now it says my functions are undeclared when there in the public section and work fine if I don't use client[x] functions below is a example ...


[Pascal Error] mainserverunit.pas(407): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'Rank'

so my question is how do I have the function so that I can use the client[x] feature in my wrapper?

When you use TWSocketServer, there are actually TWO classes involved: TWSocketServer and TWSocketClient. The first is the listening socket, the second is for handling each connected client.

You said your wrapper was about TWSocketServer but Client[] returns a TWSocketClient. You have to make a wrapper for TWSocketClient as well, and assign you class to the TWSocketServer.ClientClass. Then at runtime, you can cast Client[] to your wrapper and access his properties.

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