Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Dear Arno,
> On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 2:11 PM, Arno Garrels <>
> wrote: 
>> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have received the below report from a tester. What could be the
>>> cause of it, any idea?
>> From the stack trace it looks like the exception is raised
>> in TComponent.RemoveFreeNotifications of the CtrlSocket.
>> Is the SslContext or an IcsLogger instance shared across multiple
>> threads? If so, they might have been destroyed by another thread yet?
>> Do you make sure that all threads are finished before you exit the
>> application?

> We do not use IcsLoggers as NO_DEBUG_LOG is defined. We have
> TSslContext objects defined in the listener thread which has many
> worker threads with THttpConnection's and TSslHttpCli's inside. This
> exception is not thrown when the program is exiting and when the
> worker threads are destructed. We have separate thread,

The VCL and its component notification system is not thread-safe, 
that's likely the cause of the AV. Change your code to use one 
instance of TSslContext per thread, that should resolve it (I 
remember I claimed that TSslContext was thread-safe some years 
back, but did not take component notification into account, sorry).  

Arno Garrels
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