I wish to continue with SSL if there is no difference.

There is a difference: you introduce something in extra which has a lot of reason not to work. First thing first, start without SSL.

The project "OverbyteIcsSrvTcp" has absolutely nothing in inside to help me.

Sure it has ! It accept connections from client and execute commands send by clients.

I can't find anything about sending or receiving in this project.

Sure you can find for receiving and sending: the sample is all about receiving commands from clients, execute it and send result back.

The project "OverbyteIcsClient7" gives me nothing else but errors saying --> Socket not connected!

If you try to send before being connected, you get this error.
This is a client and it only works with a server (for example the other sample). You must connect the client to the server firts. Then you may send something.

This is all what I can see in this project, which I already have tryed to use with no success.

You won't go any further if you don't understand both samples. They are the basic. Basic but realistic. Someone could do simpler but this won't be good programming in real world.

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