Hi all,
I have spent 4 days trying to send and receive data from “SslWSocketServer” to 
“SslWSocket”, with no success.

What am I trying to do?
I am trying to send and receive data from “SslWSocketServer” to “SslWSocket” 
(to a connected client/clients),
send and receive data from “SslWSocket” to “SslWSocketServer”.

The data is simple, which is the text of a “TEdit” component for now and later 
I would like to be able to do the same thing for files.

I have tryed everything available in the component demo library with no success 
because looks like every demo sample does the things in some ways but none does 
in the way (this is I believe is the simplest way) I need.
It is almost impossible for me to understand and digg up something from  the 
demo samples because I am a beginner.

Please notice!
I need to do this with “SSL” components not with the regular components because 
I have no need of doing this with regular components.

I would be very pleased if someone could,
- Help me with a sample of this
- Guide me to a right demo/sample where I could perhaps digg up

Thanks in advance


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