>Method DnsLookup doesn't require a custom timeout since the underlaying
>winsock function uses system's DNS lookup timeout. Same for Connect
>with or without DNS name.
>And if method Connect is called with a DNS name it performs a blocking
>DNS lookup while a Built-In timeout won't trigger at all. 
Yes, this is blocking DNS lookup which I want to avoid. And I dislike relying 
on OS timeouts, maybe it'll be 5 minutes long?

>You can do what ever you like i.e. (from memory): 
Thanks! I'll examine the snipped you provided!

>Listening sockets do not connect so use TimeoutIdle in OnClientCreate
Ah, the trick is not using connect timeout! I've got it.

>TIcsThreadTimer is a lazy, low resolution timer, so in general no 
>TTimer replacement, use TIcsTimer if you need a thread-safe TTimer
>replacement. TIcsTimer doesn't create a hidden window but uses 
>TWSocket's window to receive WM_TIMER messages, that saves
>one window handle.
Well, I want this timer to execute periodical and not time-precise tasks so 
resolution of GMinIcsTimerResolution  : Longword = 100; is far than enough. And 
regarding TIcsTimer, would it work if there's no any TWSocket object created 

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