sorry for asking this question here, as i fear that it is a not knowing a change in compiler behaviour, but i do not know what.

i changed from c++ builder ver4 to the c++ builder version 2010.
you all probabbly did this years befor, but as i usually write controller firmware, mostly in assembler,
and only need a few pc frontends, i did this "bigger" change only now.

my problem is that my old working project now fails.

the c++ line:

steuerS->SendStr( "BlaBlaBla123" );        ( where steuerS is a TWSocket )

just did send: BlaBlaBla123

now i just get this error message

[BCC32 Fehler] main.cpp(835): E2015 Mehrdeutigkeit zwischen '_fastcall Overbyteicswsocket::TCustomWSocket::SendStr(const System::AnsiStringT<65535>) at e:\programme\embarcadero\rad studio\7.0\include\ICS\OverbyteIcsWSocket.hpp:326' und '_fastcall Overbyteicswsocket::TCustomWSocket::SendStr(const System::UnicodeString) at e:\programme\embarcadero\rad studio\7.0\include\ICS\OverbyteIcsWSocket.hpp:328'

what is wrong now?

thank you
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