Hello Volker,

> [BCC32 Fehler] main.cpp(835): E2015 Mehrdeutigkeit zwischen '_fastcall
> Overbyteicswsocket::TCustomWSocket::SendStr(const
> System::AnsiStringT<65535>) at e:\programme\embarcadero\rad
> studio\7.0\include\ICS\OverbyteIcsWSocket.hpp:326' und '_fastcall
> Overbyteicswsocket::TCustomWSocket::SendStr(const
> System::UnicodeString) at e:\programme\embarcadero\rad
> studio\7.0\include\ICS\OverbyteIcsWSocket.hpp:328'
> what is wrong now?

I guess it is a C++ Builder bug. Method SendStr() has got three overloads:
SendStr(const Str : UnicodeString; ACodePage : LongWord) : Integer; 
SendStr(const Str : UnicodeString) : Integer;
SendStr(const Str : RawByteString) : Integer;
There is no AnsiString overload.

RawByteString is that AnsiStringT<65535> mentioned in the compiler error 
message above.
In Delphi the RawByteString (note the invalid codepage) tells the compiler
to not perform implicit codepage conversion. In Delphi it's possible to pass
to SendStr() any AnsiStringT, very useful.
One workaround in C++ Builder for now is to cast to RawByteString like

Arno Garrels

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