You should upgrade your C++ Builder 6 to C++ Builder XE.

 Actually I have currently on my system c++ builder 6 + ICS ver 5 . also
having many license of third party component for c++ buider6. Also My lot of project working on that . If I change the version of c++ builder 6 then lot of problem occurs in compiling and linking , upgrading the components . So I want to stick with that version . Thats why I need c++builder 6 + ICS ver 6

I understand. This is a classical situation. One in which no one should ever fall into... This is not sustainable on the long term. The more you wait to upgrade the more difficult it will be to upgrade. And one day, nothing will work anymore. when using third party components, you should only use/buy components with full source code and make sure you are able to rebuild the component (never use the prebuilt version, always rebuild everything yourself). This way, you'll be able to move forward as new compiler versions are out, even if the component editor stop making the components you are using.

Upgrading component from one compiler version to the next is usually very easy. The more versions you skip, the more difficult it is to port the code to newer version. Here you have 10 years (or so, I don't remember when BCB6 was released) behind you. It will require some work to upgrade but in my opinion you MUST do it, or plan to retire soon...

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