I am using your ICS socket componet for c++ builder 6 . I test lot but
TWSocket Component not sending the data more than 1460 bytes at a time .
 what is the maximum size how can use and how??.
I guess you are using UDP not TCP.
  no I am using TCP

There is no limit on the size of the data you can send at a time with TWSocket in a TCP session. But if you are looking at the network using a sniffer, you'll see the maximum packet size of your Ethernet network (1460 bytes). This doesn't mean your applicatyion data will be transfered whatever the size is. This doesn't depends on ICS, this is how a socket is working and how an Ethernet and IP network is working. Don't worry about packet size !

I have 3gb ram

Not that much for a huge number of connections. Better use a 64 bit OS, even if your application is 32 bits (becaus eof Delphi generate 32 bit code cirrently).

You need ICS-V7 to support
 I can not change the version please tell me in current version

Current version is ICS-V7.
V6 to V7 is almost direct.
V5 to V7 require to change all unit names in the uses (not a big deal) and /may/ require some changes if you wrote components based on ICS components. Frequently, there is very little changes required.
You should REALLY use ICS-V7 which is current version.
Wait ! You still use C++ Builder 6 ? That may be an issue, I don't know.
You should upgrade to C++ Builder XE...

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