On 18-02-2011 13:52, Francois PIETTE wrote:
It starts to become interesting :-)
What other dependency is there ?


What is the license for that component ? Could it be added to ICS distribution or ICS usermade web page ?

From what I can see, MIT License for all the code from the author of the TTwitter component. It's using also a modified OAuth.pas, to deal with the OAuth stuff, under MPL, and a LkJSON unit, to parse json, that is stated at sourceforge as being BDS.

You can check for yourself

But this project is currently beta, and it's really very incomplete and confuse. In the author site, in the comments, the author posted this, and I quote

"At present TTwitter only provides the means to read and post Tweets… more developments are very-much on the way. Currently I’m rewriting TTwitter to make use of a new “Social Delphi” component platform I’ve been developing… this new version of TTwitter will be releasing quite soon at the launch of the purpose-built website, along with components for other social networking websites such as Facebook etc. The new platform in-fact DOES allow you to bypass the TComponent layers and access the raw API’s directly if you wish (though I don’t expect many people will want to do that since the component layers make life so much easier)

I do recommend you follow me on Twitter (@LaKraven) so you’ll be informed as soon as the new versions are available (on the new website)"

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