That's not all, I found and fixed some more problems so far.
I just checked in Rev. #670 into SVN, please test the fix
and report back as soon as possible, thanks for your help.

Proxy authentication with relocations (hopefully) fixed. SSL not tested yet.
If it still doesn't work it's probably a buggy proxy server i.e. 3Proxy.
Parse NTLM user codes into domain and user name parts and pass them to
NtlmGetMessage3 in method GetNTLMMessage3.

Arno, Thanks again for the work! I will make time next week to test together with the user that had the problem, so I know for sure it is solved :-)

In the mean while i wrote a workaround by recalling the get and resetting the proxy values when a 407 was received. Easy to do in my application as that 407 should never happen at that moment.

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