Arno Garrels wrote:
Frans van Daalen wrote:
One was using webmarshal and the other ISA.  But i'm not behind a
proxy and also still keep getting the "HTTP component  is busy"
error message when using the async get.

It still doesn't work probably so don't send it to your customer
yet. I'm working on this stuff again since a couple of hours with
some progress, I'll commit another fix soon when it's ready, not
before monday.

Ok !  There is other work laying around so...  ;-)

Well, I just checked in a new change with log:

Any progress with patch rev #669+ ?

It's on my list to test this week. WIll let you know as soon as I have done my first test run. If that seems to work I will send it to a client to also test it.


Sorry to inform you that the problem is still there. Even when not behind a proxy the GetAsync will fired the requestdone even when not ready causing the next call to generate an exception "HTTP component is busy"

Used V7 daily archive download from the site for testing.
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