When I looked at Indy and Ararat Synapse they both prefer blocking sockets
to connect to text-based protocols like HTTP, POP, SMTP, FTP etc.

The reason - because communication is flowed - you send command, you wait
reply, if reply does not match you handle error. It is all nice line-by-line
inline code.

With ICS it uses events to reply to reply codes and non-blocking. But with
this you lose - easy to follow code flow. If you really need to make it
independent you simply put it in separate thread - both Indy and Synapse
have their own way of solving this - Indy has special component for
threading sockets and Synapse some kind of function that gets called every
once in a while.

It is all much better explained here why blocking is better:

So I am wondering why ICS prefers events when the code is so much simpler
without them?
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