Hello Francois,

>>> PORT 192,168,10,170,233,24
>> < 500 I won't open a connection to (only to
>> How to solve this problem?

FP> Use passive mode.
FP> You router is probably smart enough to handle active connections but it
FP> can't be smart with SSL because it can't understand the commands sent by the
FP> client: they are encrypted. No problem with passive mode as all connections
FP> are outgoing (Active mode has an incomming connection for data).

Actually,  this  is  the first thing I tried, but the demo application
hangs in passive mode when SSL is enabled. It shows the following:

< 227 Entering Passive Mode (174,132,5,68,209,134)
! Upload Size 34.5K

then it waits for a certain period of time and shows:


Request 18 Done.
StatusCode = 550
LastResponse was : 'Unable to establish data connection - Winsock - Connection 
timed out (#10060)'
Error = 550 (Unable to establish data connection - Winsock - Connection timed 
out (#10060))

I don't use antiviruses and firewalls, so the result is even worse than in 
active mode.

Best regards,
 Antol                            mailto:spama...@mail.ru

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