Antol wrote:
> Hello Arno,
> Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 9:02:02 PM, you wrote:
>> You have to assign a TSslContext object to the SslContext property of
>> a SSL-enabled ICS component. The easiest way is to drop a TSslSmtpCli
>> and a TSslContext on the from and assign the SslContext in Object
>> Inspector. Can be done at run-time as well of course.
> Thank you, now it works as it should. Now if I add another ssl smtp
> client to send error reports, should I add another TSslContext object
> to  the  form  as  well, or one TSslContext object can be used for two
> different     sslsmtpclients     simultaneously     (with    different
> host/login/password settings)?

One is enough, and it's only required if the component actually uses SSL.

Arno Garrels
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