On 27-02-2011 18:39, brian - wrote:
I like it tbh, even with the
annoyance of havign to login and retrieve the pass for the user, it's only
required once.

As I said, Twitter don't require the PIN, so you can ignore that step. User only need to authorize the application, and forget about the PIN. Instead of using the ShellExecute to open the browser, you can use the TTwitter approach. Start a modal Request Authorization form with a TWebBrowser pointed to that address. This way you can proceed with the RequestAccess after user close that authorization form. Using this idea, another thing you could do to make your component more user friendly, is to execute internally all the authentication steps, the first time they are needed. User will just need to create the component and call the SendTwit method. The callback will be used only to get the success/unsuccess of the send.

ill most likely remove this alternate proc in next revision, and add XAuth
support instead.

With both methods you should use SSL, or you will be passing user and password in plain text.
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