On 27-02-2011 23:31, brian - wrote:
I added the ShellExecute import to avoid adding another unit; I rather
not include entire units for things where I need only a couple procs and
such, it adds up to the exe unnecesarily.

The smart linking feature should work ok for the shellapi unit.

As for webbrowser, hmm, I think I still prefer either the PIN or self-auth
approach, else, how we know the user actually allowed the app, we can't just
blindly assume they'll do and think we are now authorized, so the last PIN
step takes care of that.

That's a user problem. But you can add a
      InputQuery('Enter your PIN','PIN', Twit.AccessPIN);
just after the modal form closes.

Add also



So user can copy the pin text from the webbrowser to the clipboard.

I read somewhere about embedding a chromium window in delphi btw, heard
anything? I'm curious to test, gonna check for it. I really still dont like
the twebbrowser at all. But maybe I could have a compiler conditional so the
user can opt for a way or another.


Doesn't GPL allow your code to be included in closed source applications as
well? as long as the code hasnt been modified; unless I understood it all
wrong. Tbh it's the first time in over ~12 years programming Im opening up
to release and share source code, so I never looked much into open source
licenses until just now. Would appreciate some insight about it :)

V3 seems to change some things, but there is no general consensus about this, (money always turn lawyers language in favor with who pays more), so better stay away of it if you want to maintain closed source.

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