Hi Arno,

> > Yes, it works.
> What does that mean?

It "mostly" works as it seems to work properly, but I suppose the devil is
in the details... there may be hidden issues that are not coming up yet or
not making themselves known (yet).

> > I have a a message loop for the main thread...
> Then it is well prepared for ICS.


> A message loop is private to the thread since each thread has it's own
> message queue. If you want to run ICS component-instances in the context
> of a worker thread (non VCL main thread) the thread MUST have a working
> message loop and the ICS object has to be created and destroyed in the
> context of that thread which is method Execute of TThread if you use
> that framework.
> Is that your design?

Thanks. That sounds like my design, but I will have to re-check the creation
and destruction to make sure they are done in the same thread. I'm not sure
that is the case. Thanks for mentioning that.

Also, I use a TMemoryStream with some objects. Is that an issue? Is it
thread safe to have multiple HttpClip objects using multiple TMemoryStreams
at the same time?


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