at first you should get atest ICS source code and OpenSSL DLLs from

The problem with undeclared identifiers is easily solved by rebuilding
the project, a simple compile is not enough after changing the USE_SSL

Arno Garrels

Dimitris Botsis wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a very strange problem with ICS.
> I try to use ICS v7 (Oct/2010) fresh downloaded from you website
> (overbyte.be). I install it on Delphi 7.
> All is OK when starting.
> I have an empty form and drop 2 components on it :
> - a Tsslhttpcli
> - a TsslContext
> I have already included the proper paths for ICS in the Delphi
> environment so when I build it's all OK and for SSL I use ssleay32.dll
> and libeay32.dll but due to problems of versions I have disabled SSL
> version checking from "OverbyteIcsSslDefs.inc".
> After some builds of the same project, without having changed anything
> in the project, I get the error that
> Tsslhttpcli and Tsscontext are "undeclared identifiers", although
> previously they were fine.
> If I close and open Delphi and project again, problem is still the
> same. 
> The only way to correct it, is to delete all contents of Delphi/Vc32,
> copy there fresh files from the downloaded zip from Overbyte's website
> and rebuild again the "OverbyteIcsD7Run.dpk".
> Then it starts working fine for some time tries until it stops with
> the same errors again after some builds.
> This happens only with SSL components of ICS, with other components
> everything is OK. Even when the 2 components I refer to seem to be
> "undeclared identifiers" if I use another non-SSL component (before
> rebuilding-that solves temporarily the problem) all other work fine.
> Please note that :
> - I don't have any other problem with no other components installed
> - When I manage to compile project correct, then executable file is
> fine for always. The problem appears only in the Delphi environment
> together with ICS, while in build process.
> Thank you very much.
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