That just shows active connections.

You need:-

netstat -an

That shows chapter and verse, tcp and udp ports, connected, listening,
waiting etc.

If you do:-

netstat -anb

...on XP or later, you also (eventualy, it can take a while) the
processes that are associated with the ports and connections listed.



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> From: Francois PIETTE [] 
> Sent: 20 April 2011 05:47
> To: ICS support mailing
> Subject: Re: [twsocket] socket lossing traffic after 2/3 days
> > Am running a chat system using tcp for data transfer but I have a 
> > problem am unable to fix and was wondering if anyone else 
> had this issue.
> >
> > basically when using my app for more then 3 days it would 
> cash but not 
> > a full socket crash were it would boot people it would just stop 
> > accepting new incoming data from logins but anyone else that was 
> > already connected would not be effected at all until there log off 
> > site and turned to re-login then there would get connecting fail 
> > message
> It looks that the listening socket is closed.
> At the command prompt, enter "netstat -p tcp" (without 
> quotes). You should see your listening port.
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