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> Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
> > Scrive Arno Garrels <>:


> > Cardinal and Integer should not change since (IIRC) NativeInt and
> > NativeUInt was introduced to handle 32/64 bit cpu.
> That's correct Integer will remain 32 bit in x64 however might change
> in the far future and Longint most likely never changes its size even 
> in x128.

I don't think that this will happen, otherwise the introduction of NativeIn and 
NativeUInt make no sense. Now this two should follow the cpu and OS "size".

These are two interested blog from Marco Cantu:

Notice the changes for Windows messages too.


> > And why don't invert the test?
> > 
> > if FClientNum) < MaxLongint then
> >    Inc(FClientNum)
> > else
> >    FClientNum := 1;
> I don't know why there is/was the ">=" comparison, I guess that Angus
> wanted to build-in some kind of strange fault-tolerance? However provided
> that FClientNum is only ever incremented in
> TCustomWSocketServer.TriggerSessionAvailable
> (which it realy should) you are perfectly right here as well.

Another think that I noticed. Since the TWSocketClient.CliId is very imprtant 
to correct handle the client, why it is writable?

Bye, Maurizio.

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