Could you please help me out with the SSL keys included in this demo?
I am trying to create my own self-signed certificate and keys with OpenSSL 
command prompt,
I can create 2048bit keys and the certification request and also the 
certification but I can’t make them work with this demo.

Demo has 3 files for the server,
1) 01cert.pem –> can please someone clear me with this? because no matter what 
I do, I can’t create the similar, how can I create this?.
2) 01key.pem –> this private key I can create and protect with password.
3) cacert.pem –> this is I believe self-signed certificate right?

Do I need all 3 of these for the demo?

Client works with “01key.pem”,
can this key be,
1key/machine (means: every machine will have their own key)?
if yes,
how it is normally done?

Thanks in advance

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