I know this is by design, but I believe that is why you have added wsoNoReceiveLoop so we don´t have to receive data in OnDataAvailable...

By reading the socket using OnDataAvailable event I reached a bottleneck, my software wasn´t being able to process over 150mbits of incomming data because the data from all sockets were being read from a single thread.

So, when I receive the OnDataAvailable event, I trigger a "Processing Thread" to read the socket, by doing that I have increased significantly the amount of data I can process and in my tests, my application is now able to handle over 500mbits of incomming data without any suffering

You have to receive the available data in the OnDataAvailable event handler.
This is by design. If you want to process the data in another thread then
the most obvious is that you receive the data in the event handler and then
pass it to the other thread.

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