Arno Garrels wrote:
> Éric Fleming Bonilha wrote:
>> I know this is by design, but I believe that is why you have added
>> wsoNoReceiveLoop so we don´t have to receive data in
>> OnDataAvailable...
>> By reading the socket using OnDataAvailable event I reached a
>> bottleneck, my software wasn´t being able to process over 150mbits of
>> incomming data because the data from all sockets were being read from
>> a single thread.
>> So, when I receive the OnDataAvailable event, I trigger a "Processing
>> Thread" to read the socket, by doing that I have increased
>> significantly the amount of data I can process and in my tests, my
>> application is now able to handle over 500mbits of incomming data
>> without any suffering
> Do you use multiple threads or just one? If the latter you could
> simply create and destroy the ICS object in TThread's Execute method.
> If the first, receive in OnDataAvailable if wsoNoReceiveLoop is not
> set, that cannot be much data after Do_FD_CLOSE has been called.

Sorry I meant when wsoNoReceiveLoop _is set.

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