emanuele bizzarri wrote:
> Hi,
>> I used the Windows port version 2.7stable8, that might be the
>> difference? 
>> Here's my squid.conf:
>> auth_param ntlm program C:/Squid/libexec/mswin_ntlm_auth.exe -A Users
>> auth_param ntlm children 5
>> auth_param ntlm keep_alive on
>> [..]
>> Authentication is delegated to external helper apps.
> In my case auth is delegated to a win2003 domain server
>> So that's obviously ANSI and the message is currently not parsed
>> correctly. 
> So I also have to re-implement Base64Decode, inside NtlmGetMessage2?
> Right? (I'm using Delphi2007)

I just checked in a fix, it is available with a SVN client now or
included in next daily snapshot:

Please let me know how it works for you since I couldn't test it.
My fix doesn't require an extra parser class but added a new boolean
field "Unicode" to record TNTLM_Msg2_Info. Some more string
conversions were required.

Arno Garrels

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