Neal Barnett wrote:
> Hi -

> I'm trying to mimic the Outlook "More Settings" Advanced Tab using the
> TSmtpCli component.

I don't use/know Outlook but that shouldn't matter.
> For example, if I wish to send using:
> Encrypted Connection: TLS
> Port: 587

That port can be used if the ISP has blocked SMTP port #25 and the 
mailserver services port #587 as well. Such as
The SSL-type on that port is commonly "Explicit (STARTTLS)".

> or
> Encrypted Connection: SSL
> Port: 465

This is commonly SSL-type "Implicit (TLS Connection)".

The difference between Implicit and Explicit is that
Implicit establishes a secure SSL/TLS connection and
Explicit starts with a plain text connection that is
turned into a secure connection later when the client
sends the "STARTTLS" command. 

Arno Garrels
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