> Arno -
>> or
>> Encrypted Connection: SSL
>> Port: 465
>>> This is commonly SSL-type "Implicit (TLS Connection)".
>>> The difference between Implicit and Explicit is that Implicit
>>> establishes 
> a secure SSL/TLS connection and Explicit starts with a plain text
>>> connection that is turned into a secure connection later when the
>>> client sends the "STARTTLS" command. 
> So, how would I use this method "Implicit (TLS Connection)" in
> TSmtpCli? 
>> For example, if I wish to send using:
>> Encrypted Connection: TLS
>> Port: 587
>>> That port can be used if the ISP has blocked SMTP port #25 and the
> mailserver services port #587 as well. Such as
>>> smtp.googlemail.com.  The SSL-type on that port is commonly
>>> "Explicit (STARTTLS)". 
> And how would I use this method in TSmtpCli?

>>Instead of TSmtpCli you have to use TSslSmtpCli plus a linked 
>>TSslContext. Take a look at the OverbyteIcsSslMailSnd sample in
>>ICS sub directory SslInternet, get a free GMail account and play
>>with the demo. And don't forget to download the OpenSSL libraries
>>from http://wiki.overbyte.be/wiki/index.php/ICS_Download.

So, then a few more questions:

1. If my app is compiled in Delphi 7 32-bit, but have end-users that have
both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, would I use the OpenSSL Win32 binaries?
Would they work on both platforms?
2. For the end user, if they chose Implicit (TLS Connection) or Explicit
(STARTTLS) to send, I would not want them to have to fill in (or know about)
the various SSLContext parameters (Verify Peer, CA File, CA Path, Cert File,
Key File, Pass Phrase).  What should I use for the default values for these?
3. For my app distribution, would I simply include libeay32.dll and
ssleay32.dll in the application directory?


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