> there are about 150 clients (in average) connected at the same 
> time. sometimes program hang after 15 minutes of running, sometimes 
> after several hours.

I've had ICS servers running for several months without hanging, but not
with as many clients.  

Is the client an ICS application, or something you can emulate in ICS, if
so try a version making connecting 150 connections to the server so you
can test in a debug environment.  

I did this to test the ICS FTP server using TSocketServer, a threaded
TMagFtp client with 250 simultaneous FTP sessions listing and downloading
multiple files at the same time.  

> I am not sure what does TIME_WAIT means 

For debugging, you can add my Internet Protocol Helper Component to your
server, once a minute call IpHlpTCPTable for a list of TCP connections,
which will show any still in TIME_WAIT, so see how quickly they are
releasing memory, this is the same as using netstat.



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