Hi again,
I can read the certificate's Serial Number right, by parsing "cert.GetRawText" at OnSSLVerifyPeer, but is it possible to read the fingerprint too ?
I cannot find it in the rawtext I have, may I find it somewhere else ?
Thank you.

On 28/8/2011 8:42 πμ, Arno Garrels wrote:
Dimitris Botsis wrote:
Hi again,
from what I understand from you e-mails and tests I tried to do, the
certificate file has to exist locally, where my application that
checks it runs ?
Also in the sample "HttpsTst" cert file has to be provided locally,
isn't it ? Can it use a certificate from an https site being connected
on it ?

Please reply if the following is possible using ICS:
Suppose I want to make an application using ICS, where the application
will have a text box a button and a memo field.
In the the text box we can give any https address/website, press the
button to start check and in the memo field to have detailed
information about the certificate of the site checked.

In event OnSslHandShakeDone call PeerCert.GetRawText to display
the peer certificate as simple text (not available if a session was reused).
TX509Base also provides most common properties of a certificate
however not all are available.

For example, like when I open Firefox or any other browser, open an
https website and from (Firefox) Tools ->  Page info ->  Security ->
View certificate, everyone can see details about certificate.

That's exactly what the OverbyteIcsMsVerify demo demonstrates.

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