Fredrik Larsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on a project where the server side delivers HTTP-data as
> comet / chunked transfers e.g. the connection is never closed and as
> new events come along it sends new data over the same connection.
> There is no way to change the server side and use sockets instead
> (server side isn't mine). I have figured out that I can receive their
> data on the OnDocData-events. However I am also supposed to post some
> data over the same connection. When I try to do this of course the
> component say it's busy. Is it possible to do the post while the
> component is connected in some way? 

As I understand Comet from a brief look at
the problem is the persistent or long-lasting HTTP connection between
the server and the client. As long as a THttpCli-request isn't done
you cannot issue another request.

Arno Garrels  
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