Hi -

I am setting HdrFrom and HdrTo parameters during an Email Send, like this:

SslSmtpCli1.HdrFrom:='This Is From Me';
SslSmtpCli1.HdrTo:='All Of My Recipients';

However, when receiving the email, I only see the first word of each
parameter, so it would look like this:
From: This
To: All

I can get around this (sort of) by doing something like this (note the
double quotes inside the single quotes):

SslSmtpCli1.HdrFrom:='"This Is From Me <myem...@mydomain.com>"';
SslSmtpCli1.HdrTo:='"All Of My Recipients <yourem...@yourdomain.com>"';

Then, I get
From: This Is From Me <myem...@mydomain.com>
To: All Of My Recipients <yourem...@yourdomain.com>

I would like to instead use the first option and not have it cut off on the
first word.  Is that possible?


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